Massive swarms of flesh eating bugs swarm Burning Man

Bugs Sware Burning man again

Billions of Bugs swarm Burning Man!

Will the smell of swarms of un-bathed Burners save the day?

With what could be a real life horror film plot unfolding, Billions of bugs swarm Burning Man. bugs swarm burning man black rock city 2015Reports of massive swarms of bugs that bite and stink on the site of Burning Man are real. Are they Flesh eating and will they attack? Who knows, they haven’t eaten anyone yet but when the lasers and abundance of low frequency bass starts up in a couple days, these bugs could be worked up into a frenzy of Sharknardo proportion! A guy we talked to who has seen bugs before, said the sound waves may very well signal an attack instinct in the bugs;  turning them into Piranhas with wings.

As we all know, insects have always had the upper hand in large numbers.  If there will be one weapon the humans can deploy it will be fire! If the fire fails to scare these scary pests away then the conspiracy theories that the folks at Info Wars TV have reported will certainly be proven true.

If you didn’t hear, Info Wars reported today that the bugs may have been released in the area by the federal government. This is based on the fact that the Bureau of Land Management, known as the “BLM”,  who is the overseeing entity, had requested facilities on site for itself and was denied by the organizers. In retaliation, it’s said that the BLM must have imported the bugs. It’s rumored that the U.S. government has used bugs for warfare purposes before with Limes Diseases linked to secret test facilities so why not now?

If the bugs are resistant to fire this would indicate they have been genetically engineered to omit an instinct found in all living creatures. This for sure would be linked to the company Monsanto accused of nasty nasty deeds that threaten all of humanity.

It’s rumored by an unnamed source who wanted to remain anonymous that the bugs Burning man bugs bitecould be spreading a virus that would turn would be burners and modern day hippies into Zombies! Law enforcement feared determining the Zombies from the non-zombies could be a challenge.

Either way, this is playing out like a B rate Horror Film so keep your eye on the twitter feed! Hopefully someone will Periscope any attacks so we can see the action live, 2015 style.