Scary Farm Mazes 2015 – Knott’s Official Haunt List

Scary Farm Mazes 2015

Knotts Scary Farm Mazes 2015

The official list of Mazes and attractions for 2015

Each year Knott’s Berry Farm puts together a host of Haunts, Mazes and Shows for Scary Farm. Scare Farm Mazes for 2015 are:

New for 2015:

Dead of Winter – Review 2015
Escape the icy grasp of the chilling Snow Queen in the The Dead of Winter. Backed by a ravenous beastly army of resurrected Viking warriors, she is hellbent on avenging her beloved family’s murder, and preys upon any unsuspecting visitors who foolishly enter the borders of her icy domain.

The Deadly Seven

Prowling the darkest corners of Scary Farm’s midways and scare zones, the Green Witch and her Deadly 7 are a sadistic crew guilty of more terror than meets the eye. Each of the monsters represent one of the seven deadly sins and make terrifying surprise appearances throughout the park each night.


Paranormal inc.
Review 2015

In this groundbreaking new maze featuring high flying aerial stunts and scares, guests investigate a haunted hospital where the patients were tortured for decades by deranged doctors and nurses. Demonic spirits of the murdered victims have been detected throughout the mysterious halls, while evil medical staff hunt for new patients to torture.

My Bloody Clementin
Review 2015

There is no tale more vicious and vengeful than that of My Bloody Clementine. Take a grim ride through the transformed Calico Mine where Clementine and her father were brutally murdered centuries ago. Their wretched spirits roam the tunnels in search of those who killed them. This year, the ride through maze will feature live monsters out for revenge at the train track’s every turn.

Reworked from last year:

Special Ops – Infected Patient Zero – 2nd Year

  • New guns
  • Twice as many missions!

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Back by overwhelming demand, guests can enlist to fight the zombie apocalypse in an all-out war against the undead in the interactive experience, Special Ops: Infected – Patient Zero. This ambitious attraction was the first of its kind in North America. Armed with specially designed laser guns, brave groups of Knott’s Scary Farm guests will embark on missions, led by their Squad Leader – a loud mouthed, take-no-prisoners commander charged with turning guests into soldiers.

Groups must work together to fend off zombies and complete terrifying missions before time runs out. If zombies drag their bodies too close, the un-infected’s guns temporarily deactivate, compromising the safety of the entire team. Soldiers with the deadliest aim will be celebrated with a tally of the number of zombies killed on display board for other survivors to see each night in base camp.

Special Ops: Infected seamlessly integrates interactive gaming technology with an immersive mountainous landscape, delivering a breakthrough interactive haunted experience that is as terrifying as it is challenging. Missions will take guests through a variety of wilderness terrains, including the unpredictable barrel bridges across the rushing river, through the dark caverns, and through mysterious backwoods. Six acres of the beloved theme park is now home to mutinous, scream-inducing zombies, and the time has come for a harrowing Special Ops survival mission.

There is no additional charge for Special Ops: Infected. Only a limited number of missions are available each night. Pick up a reservation card near the Camp Snoopy fountain to receive a time.


Gunslinger’s Grave : A Blood Moon Rises  – 3rd year

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Tooth Fairy  –  2rd Year

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Scary farm mazes 2015

Forevermore  – 3rd Year

NEW: Skeleton Key Room based on the short story “Eleonora”

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Scary Farm Mazes 2015

Trick or Treat  –  3rd year

  • New Potion Room
  • New Bewitched Attic

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Pinocchio Unstrung    – 3rd year

  • New Skeleton Key Room
  • New Pleasure Island Area

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VooDoo – Order of the Serpent – 2nd year

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Scary Farm Mazes

Black Magic – 3rd Year

  • New Knife Cabinet Hall
  • More Scares in the Seance Room

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Scary Farm Mazes 2015

Elvira’s Back! –  Live Show – Elvira’s Asylum

And of course The Hanging! “Straight Outta Calico”