Unbound Productions “Wicked Lit” a Real Halloween Treat

Real Halloween treat

Unbound Productions “Wicked Lit” a Real Halloween Treat

The most immersive intimate show this Halloween Season.

By Steve Rowin – Scary Horror News

A real Halloween treat; Sometimes there are rare moments that only a few will have the privilege of experiencing. Wicked Lit is one of those amazing opportunities to feel the thrill of true fear, as if you were transported to another place and time. I felt as if I were in a film surrounded by an unfamiliar world, creepy and authentic. From the moment I arrived I knew this was going to be good; I had no idea it would leave me speechless!

Wicked Lit, short for Wicked literature, is a live theater performance that takes place a real Halloween treaton the grounds of a cemetery in the greater Los Angeles area of Altadena, produced by Unbound Productions. The evening features 3 independent theatrical performances that are all tied together by a 4 fourth and final act. Unlike a stage show, the cast of 22 actors and 14 technicians take us on a journey that weaves it’s way through a graveyard, into a mausoleum and up and down it’s dark halls. The magic here is in the authenticity of the environment combined with spectacular performances and stunning technical enhancements. While this is a large production for a show that moves through existing spaces you’d never know it. The crew stays well hidden leaving small groups of 20 to become immersed in the story. The cast of Wicked Lit, all with impressive credits in theater, television and film deliver believable, dramatic performances that make this experience chilling and unforgettable.

This year’s show features “The Grove of Rashomon” a story of a mother searching for her lost daughter who summons dead spirits seeking her whereabouts; Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher” where a man reunites with a long missing friend only to learn a dark family secret; “The Ebony Frame” a tale of two lovers seeking each other hundreds of years after death who are ready to make a deal with Satan to be together again; and “The System”, an asylum full of lunatics who look surprisingly familiar.

a real Halloween treatUnbound Productions restricts photography during the show, leaving much of this incredible production a mystery to outsiders. The restriction on photography keeps distractions minimized and the focus on performance but also requires “would be” attendees to trust the enthusiasm of others! With plenty of surprises, nothing about this production resembles a cheesy haunted house attraction. The sounds echoing up the dark staircases are subtle and realistic. The synchronized candles that light up as the character walks down the long halls is grand. The surround sound voices echoing in the graveyard are disturbing. And the woman in the picture frame, a treat.

As we followed actors up stair cases and into various parts of the mausoleum, I found myself with a permanent smile on my face, strangely combined with the tension of uneasiness in my chest. A sense of marvel at how well Unbound was pulling this off with the realization that there are real bodies in these walls!

Wicked Lit runs through November 14th and shouldn’t be missed, limited tickets available. http://unboundproductions.org/