This Park has a Spooky Secret – San Diego Haunted Places

San Diego Haunted Places

Episode 1: “This Park has a Spooky Secret”

Scary October Spotlight by Scary Horror News

San Diego Haunted Places

San Diego Haunted Places

This show was originally broadcast LIVE on Periscope from the location of interest.
Episode 1 recorded on October 4th, 2015. San Diego Haunted Places

Pioneer Park located in the neighborhood known as Mission Hills in San Diego has a Spooky Secret! Join your host as he takes you on a tour of the park and reveals it’s surprising past. With Halloween approaching this is a chilling story that you’ll want to share with your friends.


Continued Reading: In the 1970’s the city re-arranged this land to accommodate the request by the neighborhood to create a park for the community to use.  Residents got the park but some say the city didn’t finish the job!