Review Rise of the Jack O Lanterns San Diego

Rise of the Jack O Lanterns San Diego Location

A Family Friendly Halloween Display

Rise of the Jack O Lanterns San Diego is a family friendly Halloween time display with locations in New York, Los Angeles and San Diego. I visited Rise of the Jack O Lanterns in San Diego, a new location for 2015, to see what it was about!

The San Diego event is located in the parking lot of the San Diego Safari Park (Wild Rise of the Jack O Lanterns San DiegoAnimal Park) and is large display of “pumpkins” with intricate designs. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to take a good look at the entire display and there is plenty to see. The designs range from celebrity faces to massive groupings of Jack O Lanterns in the shape of animals, cars and other impressive arrangements. In addition to the display there were two master pumpkin carvers showing off their skills with pumpkin carving results most of us only dream of! With lots of kids attending they all seemed to love seeing recognizable characters such as the Sesame Street gang, Star Wars and more.

Rise of the Jack O Lanterns San DiegoI will say the atmosphere was a little different than I had anticipated when I arrived. Firstly, I thought this display was inside the Animal park; with it’s maze like pathways, being inside would have made a great setting for this display. The reality was that it could have been in any parking lot and one much closer for sure! I’m not sure if the displays located in Los Angeles and New York are inside “Gardens” but I guess my imagination of pumpkins among the Safari Park’s beautiful landscape was bigger than reality! It was instead like walking a block in your neighborhood looking at Christmas lights but with Pumpkins. With a ticket price ranging from $15 – $28 per person, this event competes with lots of family entertainment options. I really think a larger more overwhelming display and other activities such as a carnival, haunted house and maybe some walk around characters would take the Rise to great places.
Rise of the Jack O Lanterns San DiegoSo what about this “Pumpkin” thing how do they keep them from rotting? We’ll with a little research into others reviews of the event, it seems that many people didn’t realize that much of the more impressive parts of the display use foam replica pumpkins. When they arrived at the display they noted the “pumpkins” glowing in ways “real” pumpkins don’t! Before I went I did read on the Rise website that not all of the display uses “real” pumpkins. While real pumpkins would be even more impressive, and there are some real pumpkins at Rise, I can’t imagine that using 100% “real” pumpkins would be feasible in many respects.  Foam allows Rise of the Jack O Lanterns San Diegothe display to look good for everyone, every night without rotting squash smell so I’m ok with it! So are they carved like the master carvers at the entrance are carving, I guess that remains a mystery but sometimes it’s funner just to believe in the magic! While the marketing of this event pushes the boundaries, leaving some disappointed, none the less Rise of the Jack O Lanterns is a fun and unique display that kids will enjoy. No doubt the Rise company has grand vision that I’m sure will grow with each year to come! It is worth noting that this event is a Rise company production leasing space at the Safari Park and not an official Safari park produced  park event.

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