Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest Review 2015

Magic Mountain frightfest review

Six Flags Magic Mountain Fright Fest Review 2015

Fright fest Coasters and Screams

Magic Mountain, best known for its extreme roller coaster rides in Southern California turns on the the fear with it’s Fright Fest! Fright fest is an add-on ticketed event, meaning general admission gets you in the park all day and up until closing. With no extra charge you get to see the park transform as darkness falls. At 7pm, creatures of all types invade the park and spread out into every dark corner they can find. No place is safe! As the night begins the fog rolls in, creepy things come out and screams can be heard all over the mountain. In addition to the spooky transformation of the park, Magic Mountain offers up several haunted houses / mazes as well as entertainment on the main stage with dancers, djs and bands.

Some of the Fright Fest extras that visitors who don’t buy the haunt bracelet can see Magic Mountain fright fest revieware the scare zones, areas filled with fog, lighting, scary sounds and monsters. The largest being the “Terrortory Twisted” area near Twisted Colossus and my favorite “Nightmares” on the opposite side of the park. Nightmares was really dark with blacklight everywhere so the creepy creepers were glowing. I liked it because it was an isolated path away from all the lights and noise in the park making it one of the more spooky areas.

Haunted Mazes:

Magic Mountain fright fest reviewThere are seven haunted attractions throughout the park. Each with it’s own theme, as with all big haunted attractions everyone will have their favorites. My top 3 were Vault 666, Red’s Revenge and Toyz of Terror 3D. I also appreciated that the staff was only allowing small groups in at a time, staggering the flow. There’s nothing worse than standing in a line inside a haunt and that was not a problem at all at Fright Fest.

Vault 666 –

This maze had a real strong story setup right from the start. About 10 of us were leadMagic Mountain fright fest review inside the building which resembled a dirty factory. As we entered, there was a security command post with big screens showing cameras throughout the facility. As we are being told about the company, a laboratory that does strange experimentation, the security room lighting ups and alarms sound. From there I’ll leave the rest a mystery but I will say the quality of the sets and the characters inside were on point. What made this my favorite was the effort to set up the scene from the beginning then letting things go horribly wrong!

Red’s Revenge –  

Magic Mountain fright fest reviewI guess she was tired of that wolf stalking her? In this story Red and her demonic minions hunt the wolf! A good mix of scenery and scary stuff, a forest like adventure where we encounter giant spiders and of course Red who doesn’t look like the little girl in the fairytale. Instead, her face is distorted and witch like.

Toyz of Terror 3D

A classic 3D maze, Toyz of Terror had really amazing 3D artwork throughout. With the 3D glasses everything popped out including plenty of scary dolls and freakish things. The pace of this haunt was good and there were lots of characters. Plenty of classic effects made this one really fun! It’s hard to describe the 3D experience except to say that it’s worth waiting for!

Willoughby’s Resurrected –

Located up on top of the hill, Willoughby’s is a classic spooky themed maze that takes Magic Mountain fright fest reviewplace in an old house. True to the theme we go room to room through this once affluent Victorian mansion full of evil spirits. I love classic “Halloween” themed mazes and Willoughhby’s hit the spot on that level. This was a heavily themed haunt one of the bigger budget haunts that was visually impressive!


Blood Thirsty Creatures. This one seemed thin on the blood, pretty much a maze without much theming or sets. It wasn’t something I’d wait for if the line was long. Probably one of the least favorite of all the attractions.

Garden of Darkness –

The Garden was another maze only , low themed haunt. I think it has potential and Harden of Darknesscould be great but it was too bright and the “things” didn’t have much surprise factor working for them. Garden of Darkness just needs to turn the lights down, be dark, filled with fog and add some great sound effects. Simple isn’t always bad in fact it can be really scary when done right. With plenty of time in the season for tweaks I’d give it a try and see how it is during your visit.

The Aftermath –

I was waiting for Mad Max to save us! Instantly upon entering, the creative team did a great job of making the space chaotic! With the sound of voices over bullhorns urging people to get out and helicopters flying overhead the space felt realistic! Some other notable features were a giant fireball that blasted up right near us in the war zone like cityscape. Only downside was that it was a bit short compared to all the other mazes which were pretty long.

Magic Mountain fright fest reviewVisiting Fright Fest was a fun and unique experience. Unlike other types of Haunted attractions I’d say Magic Mountain’s event is best as a mix between daytime Magic Mountain and Halloween extras throughout the park at night. Because the park stays open during the transition to Fright Fest, the park was busy but the lines for the haunted houses weren’t very long until later in the night. In addition to the mazes there is a full lineup of entertainment on the main stage near the front of the park. From DJs to dance crews, to full live bands dressed as skeletons it was a great place to end the night after the mazes and coasters!

Honorable Mention: Fright Fest includes a dance troop / acrobatic show called “Unleashed.” It includes several acts but the most impressive by far was this guy in the picture who balanced on 4 levels of rolling barrels!