Ghost Train Thrope Park ; Darren Brown’s Mystery Revealed!

Ghost train Thrope Park

Darren Brown’s Mystery Revealed; Ghost Train Thrope Park

Oh boy this looks good; Ghost Train Thrope Park will terrify guests!

Ghost Train Thrope Park! For months we’ve gotten little hints about something special coming to Thrope Park in the U.K. Celebrity master of creepy was commissioned to bring his unique twist to this new attraction.  In early December of 2015 we tweeted that two bizarre porcelain dolls were roaming the streets of London, in the Tube, on corners and such.  Turns out they were park of a marketing blitz to introduce something coming by Derren Brown to Thrope Park. Finally we have a name “Ghost Train” and an idea of what the experience will be like. We know we will go on a train ride filled with fear and the strange.

It’s not hard to let your imagination run wild after previewing the trailer. Question is will this be a 3D film experience and what surprises do the wizards behind this attraction have planned for us. One thing is certain, if I feel like the entire train car is levitating and we can move about and stare down into a dark abyss like the artwork depicts, then this could be the scariest thing to come along in decades!