Scariest Low Budget Halloween Haunt Idea

Low Budget Halloween Haunt Idea

Watch them FREAK OUT and Scream for under $75

A few years back it was the day before Halloween and I hadn’t planned to dress up the house. I was busy and for some reason I had lost my Halloween Haunting Bug.  Well as it turns out I cannot, not do Halloween!

17 hours until Halloween.

I decided I would have to come up with a simple yet scary effect. The idea I had was the element of surprise and the fear of confusion and disorientation.  And I figured I could do it for next to nothing in just a few hours.

Okay I admit, I had some equipment in my garage that probably most don’t. But as you will see, it won’t take much money or time.


I didn’t have time for building props nor an elaborate setup.  So let’s set the scene. A normal house, with porch light on and a few pumpkins lit on the porch. No music or sound effects. Plain boring house.

The Operational Plan:

Kids approach, ring the bell, normal person not dressed up answers and gives candy.


Kids Begin to walk away.


Reset to normal after 45 seconds.

The Experience

Kids are not expecting anything but candy. As they turn to leave they are confronted with a wall of thick fog.  And a few steps into the fog a MASSIVE CRASH and instantly FEAR overcomes them. With strobe lights flashing in the dense fog they are suddenly DISORIENTATED.  The intensity of the sounds ESCALATES to fever pitch in just moments and they are now in a HORROR MOVIE. They don’t know which way is out, they don’t know what will happen next. Their mind is running wild with PANIC. (Optional Effect – Without warning Large aweful looking CREATURES are in the fog with them) And just as fast as it started it is OVER.


Screams. Crying. Running in unusual erratic directions. Some just Sit down on the ground in a fetal position.



You’ll need the perfectly mixed series of sounds. they must be timed properly to have the psychological effect desired.

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Sound Effects : You’ll need a loud speaker with good bass. You might already have a loud stereo or boom box. Plug in your smartphone, tablet whatever and trigger my effects mix when kids are nearest speaker location. The high volume startles, so turn it up!

SPEAKER RECOMMENDED: Rent a QSC K series speaker, the K8 or K10 is perfect. If you’re near a big city Guitar Center Rents these for $50. It’s worth it because this speaker is really small and really really loud. You could also rent a big sub woofer if you wanted to go big. These speakers are great because they are self contained. You just plug them into power and connect your ipod, phone, tablet, laptop into the back and that’s it!

Scariest Low Budget Halloween Haunt Idea

Strobe Light: The more the merrier but one will do on a budget. You can rent an LED strobe for $25 that is very bright or buy one. Something like this will be very bright compared to what you get at Party City.

Scariest Low Budget Halloween Haunt Idea

BONUS: Monsters, real simple, a hooded cloak and face paint or cheap mask.



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