Magic Mountain’s Frightfest is back for Halloween 2016

Magic Mountain’s Frightfest is back for Halloween 2016

10,000 Screams nightly at Six Flags Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain is back for Halloween with Frightfest 2016; Halloween Season is in full swing and Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia California has transformed much of the Amusement park into a labyrinth of darkness.  What a wonderful thing!

I heard screams coming from all directions at Frightfest; 7 freaking scary mazes, 6 scary scare zones, monster sized roller coasters; it was intense!  We started at Aftermath 2 Chaos Rising and let me say it’s way bigger than last year.  Right away we Magic Mountain's Frightfestgot a grasp of what was happening, something was infecting everyone and these people were freaking out! The stress level was high as everyone we ran into was screaming for us to get out of here. The longer we stayed the more we noticed that people around us were changing into a zombie like state. It was clear this had been going on for some time because the city was in ruins. Cars on fire, trash and rubble everywhere. A gas main had been busted and fire kept shooting 20 feet into the night’s sky. We decided we better get out quickly and started to move at a faster pace. With just my photographer Brianne and I exploring this area, we realized we were the only ones not infected by this point! Just as we turned past the large reactor like thing I felt pain on my lower left ankle! Crap! I had been bit. I hobbled out around and luckily it must have been a piece of metal that scraped me because I never changed into one of them.

Way freaked out by what happened at Aftermath, we made our way east. As we walked along talking about those infected people, suddenly everything got weird.  We saw things glowing that aren’t supposed to glow and odd glowing people! I heard Magic Mountain's Frightfestsomeone whisper “Nightmare” and then “A twisted fantasy” but when I turned nobody was there! Not sure if we should turn around I decided let’s keep going. What is that? A very tall woman with a glowing face! We hid behind some bushes so that she wouldn’t notice us! Ripe with anxiety, at this point I said “I need a popcorn and a drink!”

After the popcorn and drink we came across this industrial building with Vault 666 on the front. I didn’t think we should go inside but at this point my photographer said “It’s close to Halloween, I think I can get some great pics for Instagram in here.” After a short argument about whether possibly dying was worth an #Instapic we said let’s go. Turns out we didn’t die like we thought but man that place was up to no good. It’s was some evil corporation experimenting on people! Well just as we arrived the whole place turned into a big mess.  The containment areas were breached and the scientist had completely lost control! I acted like I had been one of the people being probed with scary experimental viruses and dipped out of there right past the most ferocious looking thing I had seen all night.

It wasn’t long before we found ourselves inside the insane mind of a killer clown. Or clowns I should say. They were everywhere and the insanely spectacular clown artwork on the walls memorized me so much that I didn’t notice a killer clown right behind me! I turned and screamed NO!!!!! I just didn’t understand how one second we were about to get axed in Toyz of Terror 3D and the next watched a band of skeletons dance on the main stage! Non the less the band was great and people danced the night away to DJ’s bands with an awesome lighting and laser show!

Before we could call it a night we had one last thing to do, Twisted Colossus.  I didn’t even know what it was. I’d been on Colossus before, think meh! Some new track added no big deal. Woooow in 2 minutes that thing twisted my sister! And that was enough to close the book on our Halloween Adventure at Magic Mountain.  There was so much more to tell but I think it best we save the biggest surprises for your visit.

Our Favorites:

Willoughby’s Resurrected
Aftermath 2

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