James Bartlett Talks LA Murder, Ghosts, Haunted Places in his new book Gourmet Ghosts 2

LA Murder, Ghosts, Haunted Places

LA Murder, Ghosts, Haunted Places

Following the success of his first book Gourmet Ghosts, James Bartlett returns to expose more gruesome events and haunted places in Los Angeles.

Everyone loves a good ghost story author James Bartlett tells me. I wondered if James himself believes in ghosts or better yet had he seen one with his own eyes? “I LA Murder, Ghosts, Haunted Placesbelieve in positive and negative energy, but as for ghosts, I’m still waiting to be convinced beyond all doubt.” None the less, some years ago James found himself intrigued with a ghost story a bartender revealed to him. Being a journalist, James couldn’t resist the urge to hunt for solid evidence or anything that would lend an explanation to this tale of a resident ghost. The idea spun out into an entire book of haunted eateries and bars that he published in 2012. For the newly released second installment, James says “I kept looking for stories and digging in the archives, and found so much great stuff that I just had to let people read about it too.” Having previewed Bartlett’s latest book I found it to be much like a historical reference to gruesome deaths in Los Angeles. I have to admit the temptation is there to tour all these locations, much like Brian, Carrie, Early and Adele did in the infamous film Kalifornia (1993). However, James tells me many of the Haunted locations he discovered aren’t so willing to admit their haunting past. One of his more striking locations featured in Gourmet Ghosts 2 is the Cecil Hotel. “The amount of deaths in that building is stunning. Security at the hotel is less than accommodating towards any attention to it’s dire past! However others treat their ghosts as one in the family and are quite accommodating.”

While some of the haunted places in his book have a tragic event in their past, others LA Murder, Ghosts, Haunted Placeslike the Frolic Room and Tam O’Shanter are likely haunted by spirits happily connected to their long history. As I previewed the book I noticed that much of it was tragic history. Anyone with a lust for death and murder might consider this the ultimate Los Angeles guide! Mediums, clairvoyants and ghost hunters should definitely consider this book reference for active locations. Unlike a typical ghost story book, this is a mix of haunts, places to eat and murder stories.  It’s clear that James has done an extraordinary amount of research to put these books together and certainly a treasure for anyone interested in the paranormal.

Both can be found here on Amazon in Hardcover and Kindle

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