Best Horror Film of 2016 The Conjuring 2 chosen by Horror Movie Fans

Best Horror Film 2016 chosen by fans

Dark Angel Award™ Best Horror Film of 2016

Best Horror Film of 2016 The Conjuring 2 chosen by Horror Movie Fans

The first annual Dark Angel Award ™ for Best Horror Film of 2016 officially goes to The Conjuring 2! Conducted as a popular vote by horror fans worldwide in a Scary Horror News Twitter Poll fans overwhelmingly chose The Conjuring 2 as the Best Horror film of 2016. The movie was produced by Australian Horror Film Producer James Wan and written by Carey Hayes, Chad Hayes, Wan and David Leslie Johnson with distribution by New Line Cinema.


Best Horror Film 2016 The Conjuring 2A warm congratulations to everyone involved in the making of The Conjuring 2, the hundreds behind the scenes from makeup artists to post production editors, the sound effect guy and even the catering people who kept everyone happy during filming!

The Dark Angel Award ™

Best Horror Film The Dark Angel Award ™ was inspired by the lack of representation of Horror genre films recognized by the Academy of Motion Pictures, Oscar Awards.  Only once has any movie ever won an Oscar and that was Silence of the Lambs, more of a Horror Thriller than a scary movie like The Conjuring series if you ask us!  So with our expanding fan base we felt the time was right to start a tradition of recognizing the efforts of Horror Movie producers. If it were easy there wouldn’t be so many cheesy horror films right!?

Conjuring 2 at the Box Office

Best Horror Film of 2016 The Conjuring 2
Director James Wan on set of The Conjuring 2

The Conjuring 2 opened in Theaters June 10th 2016 and grossed $102.5 million in the United States and $217.8 million outside North America for a worldwide total gross of $320.3 million. It is the second most successful horror film behind the 1973’s  The Exorcist. what’s interesting is that even though the Conjuring 2 grossed incredible revenue it was all in the beginning just after the release. Ticket sales quickly dropped off as other films released around that time grabbed movie goers attention. This is the opposite of the original “The Conjuring” film release which grossed most of it’s earnings well after it had been released.


Based on the Hodgson Family Paranormal Investigation

The Conjuring 2 is a sequel to the first film “The Conjuring”, a film based on the real accounts of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.  In the Conjuring the plot is based on a paranormal investigation of the Perron family home in Harrisville, Rhode Island.   The Conjuring 2 is yet another based on the accounts of the Warren’s paranormal investigation into the Hodgson family case in 1977.

In 1971 the Hodgson family resided in Enfield England London. In the films script, the second oldest child Janet, is seen behaving strangely at night and having dreams of an entity that appears as an angry old man, who says to her  that the house is his. Eventually, the whole family is witnessing paranormal events occurring, forcing them to go to their neighbors. In an interview with the media, Janet Hodgsons becomes possessed by the elderly man, Bill Wilkins, who is known to have previously lived and died in the house. Wilkins is vengeful and appears to enjoy tormenting the family as he attempts to chase them from his home. As Janet starts to show signs of being demonically possessed, the Warrens are requested to assist in the investigation and prove whether or not it is a hoax.

Best Horror Film of 2016

Behind the Scenes

Best Horror Film 2016 The Conjuring 2

The real location of the home where the Hodgson family lived during the 1971 encounters is located at 284 Green St, Enfield, Greater London EN3, UK .

For the Conjuring 2 the filming to place on sound stages. It is said that there were unexplained paranormal events during the filming of the first Conjuring. As a precaution the production team brought in a Roman Catholic Archdiocese to bless the set before production began. The film’s budget was

Production on The Conjuring 2 began in mid September 2015, in Hollywood. Part of

James Wan Set of Conjuring 2

the film were filmed in London in November of 2015,  with scenes in The Warrington, a pub and Marylebone station. Filming was complete in December, 2015.  Production time of 50 days, 40 days on sets in Los Angeles and 10 days on location in London.

Best Horror Film of 2016 The Conjuring 2


We at Scary Horror News loved the movie and are proud that The Conjuring 2 is the winner of the 1st. Annual Dark Angel Award for Best Horror Film. And if you haven’t seen this great movie go watch it now!!! Until next February!

Oh yes and one last thing, here’s the home where the paranormal encounter with the Hodgson Family took place in Enfield England and a photo of the Warren Investigators who investigated the claims of Peggy Hodgson as well as many others such most notable the Amityville case.

Best Horror Film of 2016 The Conjuring 2
Home of Peggy Hodgson and her children Margaret, age 14, Janet, age 11, Johnny, age 10 and Billy, age 7. Police were called when her two oldest reported furniture being moved around by what was believed to be a Poltergeist. This case would be known as the Enfield Poltergeist.
Best Horror Film 2016 Conjuring 2
Ed Warren (d. 8/2006) and wife Lorriane Warren Paranormal Investigators best know for their involvement with Amityville, Parron and Enfield Poltergeist Cases and