Horror Movie The Nun is in pre-production: Conjuring 2 Spin Off

Horror film The Nun

Horror Movie The Nun

Horror Movie The Nun is now in pre-production

Horror Movie The Nun Director Corin Hardy tweeted “And so it begins.” He was speaking about the upcoming New Line Cinema Horror Film release “The Nun” a spin off of the ultra successful scary movie “The Conjuring Two” winner of the “Dark Angel” Award presented by us Scary Horror News!

Horror Movie The Nun
Photo tweeted by director Carin Hardy

Writer’s Gary Dauberman, James Wan have planned to release The Nun in 2018 as a spin off of The Conjuring 2. It will be interesting to see how The Nun story line has been developed. With the Conjuring series based on the accounts of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorriane Warren, it’s likely the Nun will go in a totally new direction.  Fans can expect a similar feel to the successful predecessor as Wan’s style has become a winning formula. 

What Wan delivers will hopefully remain fresh and not an exploit of a popular character for the sake of taking the IP to the bank. We wonder who’s idea was The Nun? Our hope is that this film with the talented creative team will become it’s own unique sensation.

James Wan Set of Conjuring 2

We’ll keep you posted on any new developments that emerge from The Nun production team or from studio spies! If you hear anything about The Nun or capture a backlot photo send it in and we’ll comment on the news as it breaks! We are excited to see what comes of this new release by James Wan and will follow the action and of course tell all about the film when it is released in movie theaters in 2018!

New Line Cinema is tight lipped on production details but we assume this will film in Los Angeles until we hear otherwise from the Horrorsphere.  The Nun, look for it in theaters in 2018!