Paranormal Radio Show Offers $50,000 Reward to Prove EVP Faked

Paranormal radio show

Paranormal Radio Show host offers $50,000 Reward!

This EVP is real, Paranormal Radio Show Spirits and More

By Brianne Rowin
Paranormal radio show host offers $50,000 to prove to everyone that the electronic voice phenomenon, otherwise known as an EVP, captured in the above video is a fake. In the beginning of the video, you can hear high pitched laughter before the little girl is seen jumping into the pool.

“This is a video taken by my sister at her community pool. Her daughter had just recently began to jump in the pool so my sister was video recording the moment. When she played back the video there was this eerie laugh and also a creepy groaning sound. She freaked because she was the only one at the pool! She called me with a troubled voice and said she had just sent me a video and it had mysterious voices on it. I almost didn’t believe her because the sound was so clear and almost sounded produced like a Halloween effects record. But she was very clear with her response that she just recorded it and I could her the splashing pool noise in the background. RECENTLY, with the advent of meta data viewer apps which were not even around back in 2013 we can tell for certain that this file was not edited to add the audio after the fact.”

So, What is an EVP?

Electronic voice phenomenons are strange, mysterious sounds heard on an electronic recording of some sort (whether it be on tape or in a video) that is interpreted as being caused by a spirit’s voice. EVP’s, like the one in the above video, can be an unintentional occurrence. Of course ghosthunters and paranormal investigators are no strangers to EVP, and often use it to try and communicate with the spirits of the dead.

Where did it all start?

In 1956, Attila Von Szalay was an American photographer interested in capturing the paranormal through media. He was one of the first people to try and successfully capture a spirit’s voice. He, also working with Raymond Bayless, created a machine which heard the voices of these said spirits which he used during recording sessions with Bayless.  Von Szalay reported many sounds and voices heard on the tape were inaudible during the time of the recording.

EVPs & Spirit Boxes

Paranormal Radio ShowSomething commonly mistaken is that the voices heard on spirit boxes are EVPs. However, this is false because of the way spirit boxes work and methods we use to capture an EVP differ greatly. Spirit boxes simply flip through different radio stations quickly. The result is snippets of sound.  Spirit boxes (also known as ghost boxes), receive radio frequency broadcasts and are the words of real live humans broadcasting radio and tv shows. A true EVP is a disembodied voice captured on an audio recording device not from any living person in the space.  While it is still undetermined if spirit boxes are really controlled by spirits, or are just pure chance, we can conclude they aren’t EVPs.

Forensic Data

Here is the information on the original file. This information is hidden in the “meta data” embedded in the video by the iphone. We see all the details of the video file including the geotag or GPS coordinates. Using a photo meta data viewer app we get the following information directly from the file. The original file is available HERE so you can download it and run the meta data viewer yourself.

Paranormal Radio Show
Embedded meta data showing full capture information
Paranormal Radio Show
Embedded meta data showing original time a capture
Paranormal Radio Show
Embedded meta data showing GPS location on map


Paranormal Radio Show
Embedded meta data showing device that captured video


Paranormal Radio Show
Embedded GPS location on Satellite map showing pool.