Long Beach Halloween Haunt Exhibit Grows in 2017

Long Beach Halloween Haunt Exhibit Grows

Long Beach Halloween Haunt Exhibit Grows

Hall of Shadows to be even bigger at Long Beach Halloween Haunt Exhibit

Here is how the Long Beach Halloween Haunt Exhibit Grows in 2017! It’s probably no secret that Long Beach gets super creepy mid summer! That’s because MidSummer Scream, a Halloween and Horror enthusiast convention blows into town like the stench of one thousand dead corpses. Sounds fun right! It is. That’s because the Halloween Haunt community in southern California produces some of the most creative, scary attractions and films in the world. This year the exhibit space is slowly being over run by some seriously scary Sh@#@#TTT!!! In fact, an entire 30,000 square feet of space will now fall into darkness and fog. With 14 separate haunted attractions, each 20 by 20 feet, attendees of Midsummer Scream are in for some fright. The cool part is that the Hall of Shadows is part of your convention admission.

Long Beach Halloween Haunt Exhibit GrowsShow producer, Rick West, said there are big challenges pulling off a dark space next to bright exhibit space. He said each light bulb high above the convention floor needs to be hand removed once the haunted attractions are all set up. Then a giant 325 foot blackout curtain is raised to create a dark enough space for the creepers to rise from the dead and haunt the hollowed halls of the Long Beach convention center! (Ok, we embellished on that last part!)

14 Haunted Attraction Experiences in 2017

All attractions within the Hall of Shadows is included with a Midsummer Scream day or weekend pass. Guests with Front of Line passes to Midsummer Scream will find express queues at each attraction within Hall of Shadows, expediting their wait times.

Long Beach Halloween Haunt Exhibit GrowsThe Hall of Shadows 2017 lineup is:

  • Dead Zone 805
  • Gorlesque presents: Peep Show
  • Gothic Hills
  • Higgins Manor
  • Hyde Street Massacre
  • Immersive Parties’ MAC: Mutation Analysis Center
  • Mable’s 6 Feet Under
  • Nightmare Productions presents The Gate
  • Opechee Haunt’s Apparition Adventure: Terror Twins
  • Phobia Productions presents: Grimm’s Hallow
  • Pumkin Jack’s Haunted House
  • The Fleshyard
  • The Haunted Rose presents: The Maritime Horror
  • Unhallowed presents: The Last of Man

Midsummer Scream is a large-scale summer festival celebrating the spirit of Halloween, haunts and horror, drawing thousands of guests to Southern California for a weekend of thrills and chills. Featuring a massive show floor of vendors and exhibitors, haunted attractions and experiences, live entertainment and world-class panel presentations, Midsummer Scream is the West Coast’s premier Halloween/horror event, offering something for fans of all ages.

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