Horror trivia – Who’s House is this?

This house has been in many different TV shows and films over the years but what Horror TV show was it in?

First let’s show what the house looked like in the actual show we’re talking about before it was altered for the TV show Desperate House Wives (photo shown above).

Munsters House

Ok most of you who are 40 year old plus might have figured it out.  But if not, let’s show you how it looked for the famous TV from the 1960’s.

Munsters House
1313 Mockingbird Lane in the city of Mockingbird Heights

And!!!! If that’s not enough…


What you may not know is a couple in Texas build a replica of the Munster’s house in 2002.  They completely recreated not only the outside but the inside based on observing all the show footage over the 70 Episodes that originally aired between September 1964 through May of 1966.  Unlike the stage house located on the Universal back lot in California, the Texas home is lived in and the rooms match that of the TV show sound sets. Basically the owners have been living in the Munsters TV show for the past 15 years!

Here is the Replica house which has an open house once a year but is not open for regular tours. To see more about it their website is www.munstermansion.com