Haunted Mansion Restaurant Not Coming? to Disney World

haunted mansion restaurant
Andy Castro

Haunted Mansion Restaurant

Rumored Haunted Mansion Restaurant not coming to Disney World, too popular!

Haunted Mansion RestaurantThe internet went crazy when an anonymous blog post quoted an anonymous source that said Disney had the idea to place a Haunted Mansion Restaurant in Walt Disney World’s magic Kingdom.  Fans, including me, all immediately could smell the spooky decor and one journalist for another Horror News site even began playing with names for the dishes that would be served. Others found wonderful photos that got us even more excited for the Haunted Mansion restaurant! By the end of the day, I think people were trying to make reservations and some at the magic kingdom even thought they smelled food cooking from the kitchen.

“By the end of the day, I think people were trying to make reservations and some at the magic kingdom even thought they smelled food cooking from the kitchen”

But wait a second. It’s a rumor. Chances are someone at some point who dreams upHaunted Mansion Restaurant ideas has put this idea on a piece of paper. But thinking about it and pulling building permits are two points often separated by lots of meetings and challenges.  A close source of ours doesn’t think the rumor of a restaurant opening in the next 4 years holds much truth but did say there are big plans for the area 4 years out and a restaurant could be made possible within the new infrastructure.

4 years. Maybe. Haunted Mansion Restaurant!

The biggest problem could be capacity due to the popularity of the theme.  At Disneyland, the Pirates of the Caribbean Restaurant is booked up everyday first thing in the morning most of the year.  While there is nothing bad about a great attraction, the limited capacity would limit the budget.  What we dream of when we hear Haunted Mansion Restaurant is an epic dining “experience.” A creepy house with plenty of gags and ghosts; something like the now retired to the grave “Adventurer’s Club” that was part of Pleasure Island. Anything less would just be a side salad. Does Disney do side salads with major classic attractions? I think not. Well.. Remember the Haunted Mansion movie? I’m pretty sure the people who sold that to the executives were last scene holding a tin cup on the corner of Riverside drive and Olive st. in the 91505 zip code!

Of course these are all just rumors but we can dream and I hope I’m wrong about this!Haunted mansion restaurant However, until then,  the closest thing to a Haunted Mansion restaurant is the Hollywood Magic Castle, a private club inside of the Victorian Lane mansion on the hillside above Hollywood Blvd.  And they too are booked solid 7 nights a week, almost ever week of the year and you have to know someone who’s a member to get in. But if you can get in there are ghosts in there. Tom Ogden, author of Haunted Hollywood, will be disclosing the hauntings in an exclusive interview on Spirits and More Radio May 8th.

For now, I think I’ll pick up my Ghosts of Disney book and summon Walt to see what he thinks about all this!