Zombie Movie creator George Romero Dies

Zombie Movie creator George Romero

Zombie Movie creator George Romero Dies

George Romero Zombie Film Maker Passes Away


Zombie Movie creator George Romero; Straight out of The Bronx, George Romero was destine for show business. His father worked as a commercial artist and after graduating from Carnegie Mellon University, George began making short films and commercials.  He would come to form a small production company that released the film “Night of the Living Dead.”  A departure from the classic horror films that were more for kids and teens.  The film turned out to be very profitable in the first year, costing approximately $170,000 to make and grossed $700,000 in local drive-in theaters.  In recent interviews Romero said,  “I can’t believe people still show up to see this movie, all I see are the mistakes.”

The Living Dead franchise would go on to be the break out for the Zombie genre.  All told George Romero has been involved with over 25 horror related films, including Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead, Land of the Dead, Diary of the Dead, Survival of the Dead, Creepshow and has even appeared as an actor in Silence of the Lambs.  In 1998, his work extended to direct a 30 second commercial for the Japan release of video game Resident Evil 2, known as “Biohazard 2”.  It was wildly received but do to licensing issues never left Japan.

Rare commercial producer by George Romero for Resident Evil 2 in Japan

In recent years, George admits that he was asked to produce some episodes of The Walking Dead but refused the offer because it wasn’t his concept. A hero of horror, the father of the dead, George A. Romero will be missed. George succumb to cancer July 16th, 2017. On October 27, 2009, Romero received the Mastermind Award at Spike TV’s Scream 2009. The honor was presented by longtime Romero fan Quentin Tarantino, who stated in his speech that the “A” in George A. Romero stood for “A fucking genius.”