Live Horror Theater Comes Alive in North Hollywood

Live Horror Theater Comes Alive in North Hollywood

Halloween Shows : URBAN DEATH Tour of Terror Haunted Theater Attraction

Live Horror Theater Comes Alive in North Hollywood at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater. Z.J.U. theater group takes center stage with Urban Death Tour of Terror.  In its Fifth Year of Nightmares, this MAZE and SHOW combo aims to tickle all your senses and drag your soul into an abyss of fear! This Halloween season the darkened doors of Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater Group will slowly slip open and summon guests inside to experience true horror. There are things in life that we just have to do and live horror theater is one of them.

We at Scary Horror News experience all types of attractions each Halloween season, horror theater in Los Angeles is a hidden gem for all who find these intimate shows.  It’s a real treat to experience live horror theater in Los Angeles and with a 45 minute run time there is plenty of terror for all!

Live Horror Theater Comes Alive in North HollywoodShows start October 6th tickets are available for age 16 and up at

Where: ZJU Theatre Group, 4850 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, California

What people are saying about Zombie Joes:

“This is the place for disturbance. Ranging from Shakespeare to horror type shows like Urban Death and it’s shrewder step cousin; Blood Alley… it has everything you might want in under an hour.  Urban Death and Blood Alley aren’t full story type plays with characters to get follow along their journey. They don’t necessarily have a story or character arc…. but that’s not the point. There are, however, more contemporary and story driven play that happen. It all just depends on when you decide to show up.”

“Zombie Joe’s is THE place for Los Angeles Horror Theater.
I’ve only attended their Urban Death show myself, which is their longest-running show, and it was well-executed. I enjoyed the visual stunts and effects, I just wished there had been more of a story linking it together. Don’t go in expecting a proper play; it’s more horror vaudeville. Metered street parking was easy for me to find. Get in line early in order to get a good (raised platform) seat. Don’t sit in the floor seats as there are performances that take place entirely on the ground and you miss a good portion of that.
If you are looking for somewhere to go after the show, Idle Hour bar is just across the street.”