Halloween 2018 Haunted Houses – Events – Shows

Halloween 2018

Halloween 2018 Haunted Houses – Events – Shows

It won’t be long before you’re screaming like an 8 year old little girl

Although it’s been a blistering 90 degrees plus for the past 7 weeks in many places, some people are thinking about Halloween. In Long Beach just a couple weeks ago at the end of July, Midsummer Scream a Halloween Horror convention sold out to rabid fans ready to start the “Halloween” season.  It’s not only the fans that are rising out of their tombs, press releases have been blowing across my desk like the warm breeze of fall.  The big players in the Haunted House fear based events have been dripping which haunted houses they will be showcasing as usual.  Poltergeist at Universal Hollywood sounds scary. Six Flags Magic Mountain (as well as the other Six Flags Parks) is expanding and investing in more Halloween assets which is a good sign. Plenty of “theatrical” experiences from the likes of Zombie Joe’s Underground theater, WickedLit inside a mausoleum and more.  And!!! returning in Laguna Beach is the Pageant of the MONSTERS. If you’re excited about Halloween on the West coast there is ScareLA happening the last week in August where vendors of spooky merchandise and monsters collide.  It’s not too early to start making Halloween props so get dirty with the flat black paint maybe you can scare kids like they do at Knott’s Scary Farm! If you’re looking for spooky not scary there is the Magic of Halloween time at Disneyland and Disney World where they blow the witch’s skirt up with dazzle. If you want a real haunted location there’s nothing like Dark Harbor aboard the Queen Mary ship known as the gray ghost.  Speaking of real ghost stories if you haven’t subscribed to the Spirits and More radio podcast do it now and be ready to hide under the sheets at night while you listen!


If you’re in the San Diego area  in October don’t miss out on a private ghost tour with Steve the host of Spirits and More Radio.