Theatrical Seance show opens aboard Queen Mary this Fall

Theatrical Seance show aboard Queen Mary this Fall

Magician Aiden Sinclair reaches out to the deceased onboard Queen Mary in a thrilling new show

Theatrical Seance show opens aboard Queen Mary : “Very few magicians do a recreation of the Victorian era seance” says Aiden Sinclair as he opens the show.  We are seated for a theatrical seance magic show aboard Queen Mary; it’s new and just in time for Halloween. What is that you might be asking yourself? Seances became popular in the mid 1800’s, a time when people were looking for entertainment but also the possibility of contacting deceased relatives and good friends.  In a classic seance,  people would sit around a table, hold hands and attempted to pierce the veil and talk to spirits on the other side! Talking to the dead can be a sensitive subject even today. Some of you reading this may have already decided this isn’t for you! While people have access to the modern world, many of us still reserve the possibility that contacting the dead may be possible. While spirits very well may exist on the Queen Mary which has 55 documented deaths in ship records, Aiden makes it clear that he will be using techniques to create illusions of spirit interaction and more so that spirits are, in general, happy people we knew, not what we see in horror movies.  With that “rest assure ghosts will not be following you home… unless they do!” Aiden jokes, bringing a touch of lighthearted comedy to an audience on the edge of their seats. With the popularity of Ghost hunting shows it’s no wonder there is a thirst for ghosts and especially during fall as Halloween approaches! But is this a real seance? Will we see real spirits at the show? Aiden leaves that up to each individual to decide but certainly doesn’t close the door on spirit activity at his shows.

The show takes place onboard the Queen Mary, also known as the Gray Ghost, from it’s time as a war transport ship when it was painted gray. It’s history is rich with ghost stories and Aiden Theatrical Seance show opens aboard Queen Maryindulges in the folklore during his show.  It’s this story telling style that really makes this show different from a traditional magic show, yet departs from a classic seance experience with lights off sitting around a table.  You will be delighted to witness the use of classic seance methods such as spirit slates that entertained audiences over 170 years ago and if you’re lucky be chosen to help!

One of the most thrilling nights out on the town for mysterious fun!

It’s clear that the direction of the show steers well clear of scary and rides closer to experiences that could actually be influence by a spirit in the room. This leaves some wondering how he did it and others a bit creeped out!  It’s not often that you’ll find something different, fun and a little spooky like Aiden’s Illusions of the passed , legend of the Queen Mary.

But wait… there’s more!  The show actually starts from the moment you arrive. If you’ve never been aboard the art-deco Cunard cruise ship, Queen Mary, built in the early 1930’s then you’ll instantly feel the spirit energy from the first step inside. One cannot escape the temptation to make a connection to the Titanic as the Queen Marry is probably the closest experience to walking the halls of the Titanic like ship in the world and built and operated by the same company.

Theatrical Seance show opens aboard Queen MaryMaking your way down the long halls to the show room the excitement builds. Ghost have been spotted in these halls and it would not be surprising to the ships’s staff if you saw one! Upon arriving you are ushered into a room with couches and haunted artifacts from Aiden’s private collection. A registration book from the infamous Stanley hotel where Aiden performed seances in the past and the visual location of the hotel in Standley Krubik’s “The Shining”.  As you stroll to the bar you’ll find another show of sorts as the mixologist create an appropriately selected list of hand-made cocktails with names like “Smoke and Mirrors”.  The “props” like dry ice and beakers used while making these drinks was a fun touch and very much a show to watch.  These elaborate ingredients were mixed into a taste of heaven and a treat. We had the chance to try them all and there is something for everyone.

Show tickets to Aiden Sinclair “Illusions of the Passed” can be purchased on Queen Mary website.